Version 2.4.1

Update: Match History, Friendly Battle and new Card

Date: 05.04.2017

Match History

Check your last matches' results and get a closer look at your opponents' decks. It's a great way to get new ideas for your deck.

Friendly Battle

Duel against your clan mates in friendly battles. These matches does not give or remove trophies and rewards. Test different decks with your friends before using them in real battles.

Also, there is a new card and we made some changes to old cards:

Giant Growth

Your troop with the highest HP inside a targeted area will grow and get bonus HP and bonus Attack. Giant Growth's level changes the level of the grown troop. The level change is similar to how Metamorph and Mana Ritual work. Using a low level Giant Growth on a high level troop will lower its level, while using a high level Giant Growth on a low level troop will increase its level.

Black Witch

Black Witch was mostly used to reset the game. This often led to long battles that ended on overtime. We thought this was not fun and decided that she needed to change. We made two modifications: her curse only affects her lane and her mana cost decreased from 6 to 5. By only affecting her lane, she can be used to defend a lane without destroying your attack on the other lanes.

Phoenix Egg x Resurrection

Resurrecting a Phoenix Egg now will reset its cooldown to hatch. This will give more time for the opponent to kill it again before Phoenix is born again.

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