Unchained Demon

  • Attack reduced by 14%. Now it's impossible to play another troop really fast without the mana penalty after playing the Unchained Demon.
  • Unchained Demon decks are really popular in some trophies' range. By changing the behavior of its curse and reducing its attack, these decks will be more balanced.


  • Attack increased by 25%.


  • Attack increased by 14%.

Standard Bearer

  • Teleport ability activation time decreased to 0.


  • Bug fixes: Improvements increase the hit points of a troop by 10%. In doing so, we improve the level of each level to the other cards.

Further innovations

  • Integration of iOS and Android: Now you can play cross-platform battles against Android opponents.
  • Changes of battles in the overtime: Battles that go into the overtime tend to become too long and dull. For this reason, Crusher, the battles in the overtime win/lose, get only half of the trophies! That means: Less boredom, more fun!
  • Now replays can be accelerated, slowed, or paused.

SO MUCH HAS CHANGED I Massive Update I Castle Crush

SO MUCH HAS CHANGED I Massive Update I Castle Crush

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