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  • The tournament mode was introduced on the 3rd September 2017.
    • It was announced with the update on 31th September 2017 as a countdown.
  • There are two different tournaments, with different enter costs & prices:
    • A Grand Tournament entry costs 10Gem.
    • A Master Tournament entry costs 100Gem.
  • You need 10 wins to complete a tournament.
    • You can get these prices: chests, new cards, medals, new stickers, tournament points and you become all gems what you spent on the tournament back (if you complete a tournament)!

Tournament System

  • The enemy crusher will searched after the same stage count, not after the trophies.
  • If you complete a tournament, you will get tournament points (20 Master & by Grand 1)
    • The points you need for the better ranking in the tournament-list, so higher you are in the list, thus you get more extra prices.




Extra & New Cards

  • Gold & Tournament Chest with Cards
  • free variable parameter[hint 1]



  • First Tournament was at 3rd September 2017


  1. *free variable parameter, meaning we will add soon the text, because the function isn't available in game
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